To use Kaerutomo on Android, you will need a device running Android 4.1 or higher with an ARM-compatible processor and at least 512MB RAM; these are the same system requirements as Miitomo originally had, so if Miitomo will launch on your device, you should be able to use Kaerutomo, too.

You'll need around 300MB of free space on your device during the patching process - whilst Kaeru Patcher itself is a small app, Miitomo isn't, and we need to manipulate its files.

If you are using an Apple device, instead see the following guide:

You will also need to have a legitimate copy of the latest version of Miitomo, downloaded from the Play Store.

Unfortunately Nintendo no longer allows you to add Miitomo to your account, but if you had downloaded it before the shutdown, you should be able to redownload it here:

Whilst we won't go into specifics, some people have had success using Kaerutomo on emulators such as Bluestacks; the process is largely the same as for real devices, but make sure that you sign in to and launch Google Play before launching Miitomo, as otherwise you may encounter error code 801-1350-2407.

Notes on upgrading from older Kaerutomo releases

If you're upgrading from an existing Kaerutomo-patched install, note that you must not uninstall your existing copy. Kaeru Patcher will copy your save file over to the new installation.

Once you have updated Kaerutomo using Kaeru Patcher, follow the instructions to create and/or link a Kaeru Account. (You will not be able to interact with Kaerutomo until this is finished.)

Android 7 and older: Enable sideloading

If you're using an older device running Android 7 or lower, you may need to enable 'unknown sources' in your device's security settings to complete this process. Open the Settings app and look for a submenu named 'Security' or similar, then toggle on a setting labelled something like 'Unknown sources'. This will allow you to install Kaeru Patcher, as well as our Miitomo patches.

On devices running newer versions of Android, you may instead be asked to grant permission to an app to install unknown apps on the basis of the originating app - we'll get into this later.

Once you have finished, you can safely disable unknown sources again to keep your device secure, as this does not erase sideloaded apps that have already been installed.

Download and install Kaeru Patcher

To get started, download Kaeru Patcher from our website at

Once it has downloaded, click or tap on the Kaeru Patcher APK file to install it.

You may receive a warning or error message here; this is a normal part of Android's security procedures to keep you safe from accidentally downloading untrusted applications.

  • On older devices, this will ask you to go into Settings to enable 'Unknown sources' as described above.
  • On newer devices (in this case, a Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 11) you might instead see something like this, asking you to allow installation from a specific source - you should touch 'Settings' and allow this:

Once done, return to your previous app (likely your browser or file manager) to install the Kaeru Patcher application (open the APK file again if needed), and open it:

Using KaeruPatcher

KaeruPatcher may ask for permissions to access your device's storage / media; you should allow this, as we need it to extract Miitomo's files.

Once in Kaeru Patcher, wait a moment for the patch data to load, and make sure 'Kaerutomo Stable' is selected from the drop down menu.

You may also see an option for 'Kaerutomo Beta', but you shouldn't select it in most cases, and you will not be able to log in unless you have been granted access by Kaeru Team.
If you'd like to help us test the very latest features and changes, you can join our Kaerutomo Beta program by becoming a Kaeru supporter on Patreon:
This helps us limit numbers for our bleeding-edge code to ensure it can be thoroughly tested before pushing it to the masses, as well as making sure that we can continue to pay for the servers required as the service grows. On top of that, it's a thank you to all of our Patrons for their continued support.

Touch the 'Patch' button and be patient whilst Kaeru Patcher works its magic. :)

Once it finishes, if you started with a fresh Miitomo install (which you should have gotten from Google Play), touch the 'Uninstall' button to remove it first.

If you're upgrading from an app already patched with an older Kaerutomo patch bundle, you should not uninstall the old app (in fact, you should not even be given the option); this preserves your save data during the transition to Kaeru Account cloud save synchronisation.

Finally, touch the 'Install' button to install the patched Miitomo app (enable 'installing unknown apps' for Kaeru Patcher as before, if asked) and launch Miitomo to finish.

Next steps

Before using Kaerutomo for the first time, we recommend you read and bookmark the Kaerutomo Post-Install Guide, which covers some important notes and explains some common error messages: