To use Kaerutomo on iOS you will need a jailbroken device running iOS 8.1 or later (available for iPhone 4S / iPad 2 and later). This is because Kaerutomo is currently only compatible with the latest Miitomo version.

If you are using an Android device, instead see the following guide:

Before continuing, you need to have a legitimate copy of the latest version of Miitomo, installed from the App Store. Unfortunately Nintendo no longer allows you to add Miitomo to your account, but if you had downloaded it before the shutdown, you should be able to redownload it here:

Jailbreaking your device

As Apple does not officially allow modifying apps or running custom code on their devices, to use Kaerutomo, you must first jailbreak your device.

For help with this, visit You may see a security warning - this looks scary but it can be safely bypassed. It appears because jailbreak tools bypass security protections on the device and are therefore considered by some companies to be malware.

You can also seek advice from the r/Jailbreak community either on Reddit ( or within their Discord community ( - they are very helpful and far more qualified to advise on these matters than we are.

Installing the Kaerutomo tweak

Once jailbroken, you'll need to add our APT repository so that you can download our tweak. On your device, visit in Safari and tap 'Add to Cydia' (for Cydia and Sileo) or 'Add to Zebra' (for Zebra).

Next, within your package manager, refresh sources if necessary, search for the 'Kaerutomo' tweak, and install it.

Next steps

Before using Kaerutomo for the first time, we recommend you read and bookmark the Kaerutomo Post-Install Guide, which covers some important notes and explains some common error messages:

If you need to change the Kaerutomo tweak's options, these can be found within the Settings app on your device under 'Kaerutomo'.

If you have been granted access to the Kaerutomo Private Beta service, make sure that you enable the option to use the Beta in Settings -> Kaerutomo first (note that this is by invitation-only to donators and Patreon supporters).


If you encounter issues with installation, check the following table:

Miitomo crashes at startupThere may be a conflict between Kaerutomo's built-in jailbreak detection bypass and a 3rd-party tweak you have installed. First try disabling the Kaerutomo jailbreak bypass within Settings -> Kaerutomo, or failing that, switch off any other jailbreak detection bypass tweaks you have installed for Kaerutomo and re-enable our built-in bypass solution.

This can also happen if you are using the Kaerutomo beta, as this is primarily tested on Android devices, meaning that incompatibilities are sometimes introduced. Contact Kaeru support if this is the case.