If you've changed consoles since you first connected to Kaeru Gallery, you might encounter an 'unexpected device change' error. This happens when the MAC address of the console you're connecting with doesn't match the one we have on file for your account -- we check that these match for security reasons.

In future we plan to implement a new self-service procedure to let you change this once Kaeru Accounts are rolled out to Kaeru Gallery, but for the moment you'll need to get in touch with our support team, either through our Discord guild or by sending an email to projectkaeru@hotmail.com. Please quote the reference code displayed on the error screen and your Flipnote Studio ID, found in Flipnote Studio 3D's Settings page.

If you still have your old console, please note down (but do not send until asked) its MAC address so that we can cross-reference it later.

Your Flipnote Studio ID is public information so this is OK to share, but please do not send us your MAC address in public channels. Email is safe, but if you're getting in touch on Discord, one of our team will guide you through the process. Do not share your MAC address with strangers as this may allow them to impersonate you.