Getting setup to join Kaeru Gallery is fairly simple and easy, although to make your console connect to our service, we need to install something called 'custom firmware' on your 3DS or 2DS console first. This is because in their factory configuration, Nintendo (and other) consoles restrict you from running your own software on them.

Although it may seem scary to tinker with your console's software, the process is now easier and safer than ever! For an up-to-date, detailed guide, please visit -- we recommend you avoid video tutorials, since they are often outdated and do not follow modern best practices, which can cause problems later on.

You may also find the Nintendo Homebrew Discord community helpful here:

Once you're setup with the latest version of Luma3DS, read on.

Support options

If at any point during this process you have questions or concerns, the quickest way to get help is by joining our Discord guild and sending a message in the #support channel. Additionally, if you use the search and pinned messages functions, you might find that someone else has found a solution to your problem, so don't forget to check those first.

You can join our Discord guild by visiting - our bouncer software will ask you a few questions to make sure that you've read and understood our rules properly (don't just tick all of the boxes!) and then you'll be given a unique invite link to gain access. This is to help prevent spam and maintain a high quality experience for all of our members.


To connect to Kaeru Gallery, make sure you have:

  • A Nintendo 3DS family system (a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS - if your model is 'New' or 'XL', that's fine too!)
  • The latest version of Flipnote Studio 3D, downloaded legitimately from Nintendo eShop
  • Luma3DS custom firmware version 8.0 or later, installed on your console
  • An SD card in your console with at least 16MB free space, and a way to copy files to it
    • The simplest way is to just use an SD card reader that plugs into (or is part of) a computer, but advanced users can use an FTP client along with FTP homebrew if they feel confident, or any other way that works for them.
    • Make sure you switch off your console before removing or inserting the SD card so that there's no risk of accidentally corrupting data.
  • The Kaeru Gallery patch files, available at:

Once you have everything you need, let's get started!

Copying files

Firstly, you'll need to extract the 'luma' folder from the Kaeru Gallery patch files you downloaded (if you haven't got them yet, visit and copy it somewhere you can easily find it.

Next, copy the 'luma' folder from earlier to the root of your SD card. It will probably ask you to merge it with the existing folder - this is normal and expected, you should choose 'yes'.

To clarify, the 'root' of your SD card means 'not within any of the folders'. You should already have a 'luma' folder on your SD card along with a 'Nintendo 3DS' folder, which store system files. Here's an example of what you might see:

If you removed the SD card to copy files to it, you should now put it back in your console, since everything from here happens on your 3DS.

Enable game patching

For our to patches work, you need to select 'Enable game patching' in the settings of Luma3DS, the custom firmware installed on your console.

To do this, switch off your console (if it isn't already off), and hold down the Select button as you switch it on again. You should see a 'Luma3DS configuration' screen that looks something like this:

Don't worry if your options look a bit different - the only thing that matters here for us is the 'game patching' option. If you don't see it, you'll need to update your Luma3DS installation.

Use the directional pad to highlight 'Enable game patching' as shown, then press the A button to activate it. A cross (X) should appear next to it; this means it is now enabled.

Finally, press the Start button to save your new settings and continue booting into the 3DS HOME Menu.

The fiddly bit should now be complete!

Flipnote Studio 3D

Now that the patches are setup and enabled, open 'Flipnote Studio 3D' from your 3DS HOME Menu, scroll to the right-hand page, and touch the green button. This might be labelled 'kaeru:world', 'Nintendo DSi Gallery', 'Flipnote Gallery World' or something else, but the exact text doesn't matter.

You're done! Follow the instructions on screen to finish onboarding -- welcome to Kaeru Gallery :)


If you receive an error with code 002-0110 (service discontinued), this means that the patches aren't working properly. Make sure that 'game patching' is enabled in the Luma3DS settings, as detailed above.

If you receive an error without a code, saying something like "Failed to connect to the server", often this is caused by use of alternative DNS servers such as those for Sudomemo, Wiimmfi, or Kaeru WFC. For help, see our dedicated article:

If you encounter a black-screen exception error, this is caused by an old or pirated version of Flipnote Studio 3D being installed. To resolve this, see our article here: